Discover the culinary flavors of Ukraine

Ukraine is considered a convergence of delicious and delicious dishes everywhere in the world, making it the center of attraction for visitors and enjoying themselves with new flavors mixed with moist flavors. Real characteristics of Ukraine.
A traditional dish and always on the Ukrainian table, Borscht red radish soup has become the most popular dish in Ukraine. This dish is relatively simple processed by red radish after being cleaned and then chopped to simmer in bone broth. When the radish begins to boil, add the bay leaf and other ingredients like tomatoes, pork ears, goose meat or sausage to the radish to make the soup more appealing.
Olivier is a favorite salad in Ukraine. This dish is made from the main ingredient: Potatoes, cucumbers, dill, coriander, boiled eggs, peas … they are cooked and cut into bite-sized pieces. To add a delicious taste when enjoying the chef, add meats such as pork, smoked chicken before mixing with the sauce.

If you want a sweet-tasting breakfast, choose Syrniki. The cake is made from cheese, flour, eggs and sugar, after lightly frying in a pan, syrniki covered with jam and sour cream. When you enjoy it, you will feel the sweetness melting in your mouth very delicious and interesting.
This dumpling is a unique Ukrainian dumplings filled with mashed potatoes and fried onions, boiled ground meat and fried onions, liver and fried onions, fried cabbage and fried onions, etc. There is a different, comfortable taste for you to choose. When enjoying you can eat with sour cream or butter sugar …
Holubtsi is a quite attractive and unique dish, fancy of Ukrainians. This dish is simply fresh cabbage leaves exposed to boiling water to soften a bit or you can use pickled cabbage leaves and then use the same cabbage leaves to roll beef, meat Smoked with herbs and then fried or steamed to eat with tomato sauce with caramelized onions very delicious. Come here to travel, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy this delicacy.

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