Japanese cuisine makes visitors creepy

Sushi is considered a popular national dish of Japan, but not everyone dares to enjoy sushi made from insects. In addition to this strange dish, in the country of the rising sun, there are many other unique dishes that make many people just look at them.
Jibachi Senbe is a famous biscuit in Nagano province made from bees. After being boiled, dried bees for less poison will be kneaded with flour, spices and then baked. According to the locals, wasps have much higher nutrition than regular biscuits.
Also known as Odorigui, which means “dancing,” this special dish is a masterpiece made of tiny little ones. It is often said that the pleasure of enjoying this dish is to see the small, transparent fish displayed on the plate and feel them wiggling in their mouth. This fresh dish is eaten with raw eggs and a pinch of vinegar. When eating, people beat eggs into the bowl containing the other fish and mix with a little vinegar. The vinegar will distress and cause the fish to “dance” more intensely than usual.

Anyone who is enjoying this dish for the first time has the same question that pops up in their heads when they put the fish in their mouth, which is: swallow or not to swallow? Many people choose to chew, but others choose to swallow. Shochu is an indispensable drink when enjoying this dish.
Funazushi is considered the origin of sushi. To make this dish, Japanese funa carp will be fermented for one to several years, creating a unique smell and taste. However, like other fermented dishes, Funazushi has a very hard smell and a sour taste that not everyone dares to enjoy.
Instead of eating fresh, Japanese people often process soybeans into many different dishes. The most famous is nattō, a method of fermentation that has a history of more than 1,200 years. Although it does not look good and has a strong pungent odor, nattō is said to be the secret to prolonging Japanese life. Some studies show that this is a nutritious dish, fermentation also produces heart-friendly enzymes. Japanese often eat nattō with raw chicken eggs, soy sauce and white rice.
Sushi is a popular dish in the land of the rising sun. In addition to fish and seafood, this dish is also modified using insects such as spiders, bees, worms, larvae. Insects are usually rimmed in a pan and served with white rice like other traditional sushi. In particular, the most delicious insect sushi is from spider meat because they are soft and fragrant.
Puffer fish is one of the dangerous animals with extremely strong venom, if not properly processed, it will easily cause symptoms of asphyxiation, cardiovascular paralysis and muscle complications. However, it is quite a favorite dish in Japan. Puffer fish can be processed into many dishes, of which puffer fish sashimi is the most famous.

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