Sparkling colors of the Paris Christmas market

In December, when the winter season came with every pouring rain, all of Paris shook the last yellow leaves down the steps to welcome Noel back. On country roads like Choisy-Le-Roi to the wide boulevard of Champs-Elysées, the melody of the song “Joyeux Noel” resounds …

Specialties Christmas market
Christmas Market is an indispensable specialty of Europe every time December slowly tiptoe through the door. Originating from the culture of German-speaking people in the Middle Ages, the Christmas market spread to the country of neighbors. Overcoming the Black Forest, the Christmas market overflows from Frankfurt to the Alsace region of France, prominent in Strasbourg. From then on, every year, the whole of France eagerly waited for the Christmas market as children looking forward to opening presents under the red-green pine tree.

The Christmas Market in Paris is not the most beautiful, the biggest or the oldest, but it has the most atmosphere. When Paris was chosen as one of the most ideal places for Christmas holiday, people from all over flocked to.
Christmas atmosphere everywhere
In Paris, Christmas markets are everywhere, in any square to any commercial center, but everyone must visit the Champs-Elysées to dare to say, “I went to the Christmas market already!”. Just the thought of the bustling atmosphere there makes me feel uneasy. Especially the crowd of students, every time seeing the bright electric light on the avenue are eager to pull each other out onto the street. Must go to the Champs-Elysées! Although every year is the same as any year, it still has to go.

It was not even 6 o’clock in the winter. After school, we pulled each other out to the avenue when the street lights up. The warm, golden light from the stalls spread out to attract strangers. Tiny customers go from one line to another, go all the time without tired legs, turn around and look back to see you go all the kilometers. Champs-Elysées has about 160 stalls, selling everything from clothes, hats, shoes, food, to sophisticated crafts.
The indispensable gifts
Vendors from small villages came here to introduce their specialties. These are wooden dolls, there are toys made from recycled materials, shimmering candle cups, “La vie en rose” rotating music boxes, chess sets made of stone, hat counters. Colorful wool and scarf.

The smell of cinnamon wine, the smell of a nutella crepe, the smell of waffle in the oven, the smell of roasted peanuts caramel, the smell of roasted chestnuts, the smell of fried sausages, the smell of melted chocolate, the smell of faint coffee, all wrapped up together creates a warm and rich Christmas flavor.

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