Take a swing in Italy, discovering the beautiful places

Puglia – Wine Country
Puglia was once a stop for the ancient Greeks, and it was also the fourth largest wine-producing locality in Italy (Italy). This place is famous for owning beautiful places in Italy. When coming to Puglia, you cannot miss places such as Otranto Church, Alberobello or Polignano coast, Porto Selvaggio, Castel del Monte castle, Lecce city, Locorotondo town …

  • City of LecceSlideshow
    Dubbed Southern Florence, the beauty of Lecce makes any visitor astonishment. In addition to the fountains scattered throughout the city, Lecce also has churches with unique architecture, the most prominent being the large church with a 72m high bell tower.
  • Beach PolignanoSlideshow
    Known as the Pearl of the Adriatic Sea, Polignano a Mare is the perfect place to enjoy swimming in the clear blue water and exploring a picturesque historic center by the sea. Clear sea water and steep cliffs with natural caves give Polignano a unique.

Poligano is the birthplace of the famous singer Domenico Modugno, who became famous for the song Nel blu dipinto di blu. It is also a fascinating historical center with traces of the Arab, Byzantine, Spanish and Norman past, including the remains of the four watchtowers that once guarded the old town.

  • Castel del MonteSlideshow castle
    Uniquely listed by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage site, Monte Castle is a medieval architectural complex of Frederick II, a wise royal, who uses the castle as a resting place for his hunting trips. yourself, free from the constraints and roam of your eagles and books.

The castle consists of two floors with eight adjacent domes made of marble. The stone hall at the path leading up the stairs makes the castle look more like a palace. With geometry – a two-storey architecture and eight corners with eight rooms – the castle is still a mysterious building today when people did not know how people at that time could build octagonal architecture. so. With its position right on the top of the mountain, the castle became even more mysterious when it was not used for military strategic purposes and was not used as a residence.
Toscana – Brightly colored golden collection
In central Italy, Toscana is famous for its charming scenery and a traditional culture with a long history, world cultural heritages … Coming here, you will be surprised by the original creation. give here so many offers. In the south are mountains and valleys. The north is covered with vineyards and lush green forests. Especially when coming to Toscana in the fall, the trees here are all turned to extremely brilliant yellow.
Venice – Romantic city

Created by 118 islands, 175 canals, the islands are linked by 444 bridges, so to speak, Venice is a very unique city.

This place used to be the birthplace of Italian musical genius. The special thing when you come to Venice is that you can only walk or use a boat to travel, in Venice all traffic activities are mainly underwater.
Some sights should not miss
If you’ve traveled to Italy, don’t miss Florence Cathedral, also known as the Cathedral.

  • Cathedral of the Chief Justice
    Featuring a unique Gothic dome architecture, Florence Cathedral is not only considered a symbol of the art city of Florence, but also a beautiful architectural work, outstanding sights when Traveling Florence, Italy.
  • Grotta Cave Azzurra, CapriSlideshow
    The cave is located on the island of Capri, Italy is a famous tourist attraction, the most attractive in the world. The natural light from the cave is usually from light green to emerald, depending on the lighting conditions and the location in the cave. Grotta Azzurra Cave was discovered long ago and famous from Roman times, used by Emperor Tiberius and visited many times during his vacation in Capri. Statues of Roman emperors are also found in the cave.
  • PositanoSlideshow Village
    Positano is a village located on a cliff on the Amalfi Coast. Not noisy, hustle and bustle, Postino attracts guests by its gentle and peaceful features. A special attraction here is the houses located right on the craggy cliffs and built in a very artistic way, with layers of very delicate color scheme. And the combination of the scenery and the creativity of the human hands, Positano gives visitors the experience of traveling to Italy to enjoy wonderful moments.

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