Do not rush back when you do not enjoy Indonesian cuisine

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Nasi Tumpeng attracts tourists not only by the unique flavor but also by the unique layout and process of the food. Nasi tumpeng nature is golden rice noodles made up of pyramids, surrounded by colorful side dishes. Thanks to the uniqueness, this impression has helped nasi tumpeng be recognized as the national food of Indonesia and this dish is indispensable in special occasions and festivals of this island sea paradise.
Satay – grilled skewered meat is a delicious dish in Indonesia that is loved by many diners, especially those who like to snack late at night. Not only because of its low price, but also in the rich spice of turmeric, peanut sauce blended in beef, rabbit, chicken, or goat balls, … It’s a popular dish so you can enjoy it right at the counter. roadside goods.
Sayur asemSlideshow
Sayur asem is a clear tamarind soup and this bar is often served with fried food, due to its rich variety of Indonesian vegetables and ingredients such as melinjo (minced vegetables), bilimbi (sour tamarind) and chayote.

People often exchange whispers, “Don’t rush back if you haven’t enjoyed Indonesian delicacies”. Cuisine is always the thing that keeps visitors coming to this country.
Duck is a popular poultry in Indonesia, but the duck dishes are quite sophisticated. Bebek goreng is a crispy duck dish served with rice and raw vegetables, do not miss this delicacy.
Bakso is a soup, made in many ways such as meatballs that are the size of a golf ball or more, made from chicken, beef, fish, or a mixture, filled with fragrant broth. This dish is sold in street vendors, served with shallots, boiled eggs and wonton, you can easily find it everywhere in Indonesia.

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