Traveling to Bangkok, the most exciting entertainment spot of Thailand

Bangkok is a bustling tourist city in Thailand, with hundreds of commercial centers and bustling traditional markets, entertainment venues … giving travelers moments of experience. great experience.
Khao San Road – Night shopping paradise
Khao San Road is the busiest and most interesting walking street in Bangkok. Here gathered all skin colors, hair and the strange cultural colors.

Like most other streets in Bangkok, Khao San where you can find many street stalls selling all kinds of cheap clothes and there are many street food stalls, the most is still Padthai. Khao San when the night falls is really a festival. With all kinds of noisy sounds, from street vendors, sidewalks, to the bustling music of bars, or the endless laughter of groups of backpackers in backpackers.

Khao San also has a number of historical and traditional attractions such as the Phra Sumen fortress, Sathi Chaipakran park, in which Phra Sumen is a place built to protect Old City for more than 200 years. From here to the Royal Palace is also quite close so you can easily explore nearby places.
Safari World – Wildlife World
Safari World Zoo with a total area of ​​up to 69ha is a place to nurture and preserve more than 75 species of mammals, 300 species of birds from around the world and many other animals.

Coming here, you will experience the car ride around this 8km wildlife area to see firsthand the rare animals that are protected from extinction and get their hands on tiger food and Lion…

When visiting the Safari Zoo, you are not only satisfied with the spectacular boxing performances, the unique music of the lovely monkeys; In addition, experience thrills with shows about The Fight of Aliens, Agent 007 with thrilling and thrilling performances and choking action scenes of American cowboys.
Binh Minh Watarun Pagoda – Very nice virtual place to live
Wat Arun is located on the North bank of the Chao Phraya River, a temple highlighted by the beauty of the design and riverside location, where if strolling on the river can see the majestic and majestic rising tower pinch.

5 towers of the pagoda are designed in the Khmer style, the central tower is as high as 70m. The whole building is decorated with many pieces of glass and Chinese porcelain, each detail is arranged in a sophisticated and sophisticated way. Surrounded with reliefs, gold-plated Buddha statues and demonic, stylized monkeys. You can climb the central tower through quite steep steps. When it reaches its peak, the view of the winding winds of the Chao Phraya River, the Royal Palace of Thailand and the Reclining Buddha Temple is all captured in the eye.

The trick to helping you take great photos is that it’s best to wear a brightly colored and textured outfit. Because the exterior design of this temple is white porcelain pieces with very elaborate motifs and small pieces of glass glistening in the sun, may submerge your lines.
Ban Rak Thai – Moutain mountains
Situated in the middle of immense mountains and hills in Northern Thailand, Ban Rak Thai village has its unspoilt beauty and ancient beauty, known as the “Phuong Hoang Co Tran” of Thailand. At this point, just put up the machine and you can create countless beautiful photos with the green of the mountains. Surrounding the village is a green tea hill, interwoven with old houses imbued with Chinese architecture. With a cool and quiet climate, Ban Rak Thai always gives tourists a sense of peace, comfort and incredible comfort. Coming to Ban Rak Thai, you can visit a street cafe or sip a cup of hot tea by the lake to fully enjoy the poetic beauty here.

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